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Assessment & Development Centres

Robust programme design

Our business exercises are designed to draw out leadership competency behaviour that matches our client requirements. We can design multifaceted exercises tailoured specifically for you and your business, or you can use our exercises that have stood the test of time.

An energising learning experience

We design Centres that stretch even the best delegates to their leadership limits whilst making sure that the Centre is a positive and memorable experience. Intense, simulation-based learning is the best kind of learning.

Programme Design Options

From one-day Centres up to a full five-days of intense leadership development

On-site or off-site venues to suit the purpose of the Centre

Business minded behavioural experts who facilitate the programme and provide support and feedback throughout

Built-in 360° feedback for each delegate as pre-work, with a 1:1 coaching session on the results while at the Centre

Optional psychometric profiling - ability testing, personality profiling, career profiling

In-depth personal development reports for each delegate providing a full synopsis of the Centre outcomes

Psychometric Profiling

When to use Profiling

In leadership development programmes to help delegates establish a deeper understanding of who they are, their strengths and areas of weakness.

In selection events, to gain a deeper insight into the capabilities of candidates - insights which are very hard to establish in an interview.

In career evaluation - where somebody is contemplating choosing a career, or changing a career. Profiling provides valuable data to help make an informed decision.

Smithfield Profiling Tools

Our Profiling Tools

Personality and leadership style profiling tools from all the leading profiling providers.

Measures of strategic thinking potential using standardised and structured Situational Judgement Tests

Senior Manager & Graduate Level Numerical, Verbal and Abstract Reasoning Tests from all of the leading suppliers of ability tests

Career assessments for career guidance and career transition.