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What does a high performing team look like?

Team effectiveness is not just about getting along with each other. Good quality relationships are only one dimension of what a team needs to do to be high performing.

The other key dimension is what we describe as the 'hard-factors' of team performance; having and performing against a team strategy, having clear roles and team member goals, having a say in how decisions are made, and having good internal systems and processes.

The ASTA9 Team Performance Survey TM

This is our benchmarked team performance assessment. There are thirty five standardised questions that measure nine key parameters of highly effective teams.

It highlights the areas where your team excels, and the areas where a boost is needed.

Team Performance Survey

How It Works


Ask your team to complete the online ASTA9 Team Performance SurveyTM, providing you with insight into where your team excels and where are your team blind spots.

Team Workshop

Our people can help your team to accelerate its development with thoughtful and dynamic interventions.


Ask your team to complete a re-measure of The ASTA9 Team Performance SurveyTM to see how much the team has improved.

ASTA9 Team Workshop

A Team Workshop that helps your team to build its performance

We have run workshops for teams that are performing exceptionally well, to help the team to maintain its performance. We have run workshops for teams that need to re-organise. We have run workshops for straight up teambuilding purposes. We have run workshops for teams that are undergoing strategic change. We have run workshops for teams that need help.

Whatever the reason for wanting a workshop, your team will benefit in many ways, from improved relationships, to more effcient business processes.

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